2023: Platanthera peramoena (Purple Fringeless Orchid)

In 2022 I lead a Webster Groves Nature Study Society, photography field trip to Castor River Conservation Area. The goal being to document and photograph – Platanthera peramoena, the scientific name. Commonly referred to as Purple Fringeless Orchid.

It has a limited distribution in the southeastern and central United States, from Missouri to New Jersey. This striking species can be found in the southeast corner of Missouri.  This species is easy to identify from its large inflorescences of pinkish-purple flowers. The lips of the flowers are toothed but not fringed. The flowers are pollinated by butterflies. This is a fairly tall orchid, reaching nearly 39 inches in height.


Full stalk, laden with flowers of the Platanthera-peramoena-Purple-Fringeless-Orchid

A summer plant it is found growing in wet woodlands, damp meadows, and near running water in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas states of the United States of America.

Close up of the flowers – Platanthera-peramoena-Purple-Fringeless-Orchid


A variety of Crab Spider, waiting on a meal or something else.

Along Came a Spider on Platanthera-peramoena-Purple-Fringeless-Orchid



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