2022: Spring Migration – “Red-eyed Vireo.”

Back at it again, another spring migrant, images from Tower Grove Park – St. Louis, Missouri.

The Red-eyed Vireo (Vireo olivaceus) is an American songbird of the order Passeriformes. As the name suggests, these vireos have cute red eyes, which look adorable and make them appear like angry birds. Preferring forests for their habitat. Their breeding range map spans the boreal forests of southern Canada and throughout deciduous forests of the northwestern, central, and eastern United States.

Olive green and white in color, the upper half of their body is olive green and the lower half is white. These species of birds have a grey crown canopy and white eyebrows which are bordered by faint black lines. The adults have red eyes. The red-eyed vireo’s tail is fairly short. The young ones do not have red eyes; their eyes are dark in color, but they become red as they age. The legs and bills of Red-eyed vireos are almost black in color.

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