2018: Missouri – “Webster Groves Nature Study Society Nature Photography Group Field Trip.”

The Webster Nature Study Society (WGNSS) – founded in 1920, the group’s focus is on experiencing nature. The main interests of the group(club): botany, bryology, entomology, geology, herpetology, a nature book club, nature photography and ornithology.

Once a month the nature photography club meets up for a field trip, this week’s trip was the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, located in West Alton, MO. The target species today was the migrating swans, who spend the winter along the Mississippi Flyway, along the Mississippi River.

The day started shortly after sunrise, we scouted one location near Ellis Bay, but the swans weren’t very active. So we headed over to Heron Pond, and there a very nice game of swans wading in the distant pond.

trumpeter swans in a row_fbm_9810
Trumpeter Swans (Cygnus buccinator) in a row.

Here are 6 swan facts:

  • There are six swan species: Black, Black-necked, Coscorba, Mute, Trumpeter, Tundra and Whooper.
  • They mate for life.
  • Can be found on both sides of the Equator.
  • Can fly as fast as 60 miles per hour.
  • Each swan has over 25,000 feathers.
  • Swans mate for life.

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