2018: Illinois – “The curious Buck.”

“A journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one’s feet” The most difficult ventures have a starting point; something which begins with one first step. 

I  have always wanted to photograph deer, you see where I grew up deer was never seen, much less spoken of. Here in the U.S. while they are abundant, they are hunted and aren’t inclined to stand for their photo to be taken.  

Side Portrait.

I have a few friends, that over the years, have captured amazing images of White-tailed deer. (Tracy Bumann of Crazy Camera Lady photography, Danny Brown of Nature Frames, Mike Matney of Mike Matney photography and Perry Elder.) 

One week prior, I scouted a local State Park where hunting of white-tailed deer is prohibited and had a plan all mapped out. I shared my thoughts with Bill, he was eager to join. So we met up before sunrise at our rendezvous point and hiked to the location I thought was best, with the sun rising over our right shoulders, we nestled into a small grove of fallen trees, in the middle of an open field, flanked on each side with a thick treeline and vegetation. 

A cautious approach.

As we sat in wait, I spotted an eight-point “Buck” male deer emerge for the trees on the left, and as he cautiously approached I tapped Bill’s shoulder and motioned to look left. This male was impressive, at least to me he was, as he stood with his antlers and head firmly in the air and his tail down, a good sign, I am certain he was aware of our presence, but he could not tell if we were friend or foe.

Mr Eight Point.

This little guy is a “Spike” buck, he was so curious he did not how to approach us, as shutters of our cameras fired off a few snaps.

White-tailed Deer -Spike Buck-_ FBM_5088
“Spike” Buck

The morning was very productive in all we saw five bucks and two does, the does were very amused by our game of hide and go seek, as soon as they got wind of our shenanigans they lifted their tails were gone before I could introduce myself. 

Until the next adventure and thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Your pictures of deer are always awesome. I love them and adolescent or adult, you capture the species beautifully.

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